Welcome to Babbars' Den

Surrounded by the lush green, palm and date trees, overlooking the distant brown Arbuda mountains, the Babbar??s Delightful Den is like a breath of fresh air. Away from the dust and heat and the maddening crowds of Delhi, it??s tranquility, serenity and soothing environs refresh you as you enter it. The majestic pine and the sacred Rudraksh trees growing near the entrance of the Den, lend an air of spirituality and grace to it??s aura. The adjacent fig tree (Anjeer) laden with innumerable honey ??sweet figs, seems like a special bonus for it??s guests ! Occasional musical sound of the temple- bells ringing softly in the backdrop from the nearby Shankar Math, inspire and empower you. As you stroll inside, the double ??storey Den with it??s spacious and aesthetically furnished rooms, having all the necessary modern facilities, greet you with a welcoming warmth , looking a class apart. Some of them are unique rooms-cum-caves, as though cut out from an ancient red cave. Interestingly, they are available at most reasonable prices.